RENTiART Art Store

RENTiArt Art Store

RENTiArt was purchased by Kenalsworld and is an online art source for information surrounding various topics on art. It also features art by Kenal Louis. The online art store feature line art, abstract paintings, and drawings from various genres along with styles.

Abstract art, Pop Art, Creative drawings and More

Over the past years I’ve created multiple series of artwork. Art of many genres and variety. With the exception of classical and modern art; the range of artwork that can be found in my art portfolio website is vast. Art forms ranging from fashion photography, fashion art series, abstract art, line art drawings and so much more.

With over eight years of graphic design experience and a lifetime creating visual arts so far I’ve created a deep representation of what I perceive as art. RENTiArt is an extension from Kenalsworld, which is dedicated fully to the artwork created to be shared with a worldwide audience and viewers. Creating a centralized art space to focus entirely on art created by an artist with a wide imagination along with creativity.

Stay updated with RENTiArt by visiting the art blog on the website to get the latest posts about the artwork featured on the online art store or new creations in the works.

Kenal Louis

rentiart art store

Abstract Art Collection

abstract art

abstract art collection

Pop Art Collection

pop art

pop art collection

Line Art Collection

line art

line art collection

Nude Art Collection

nude art

nude art collection

Digital Art Collection

digital art

digital art collection

Portrait Art Collection

portrait art

portrait art collection